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MC Tagwaye, the alternative Nigerian President


This MC Tagwaye, he is one of the creative sensations of late, he mesmerized Nigerians with his undiluted talent by mimicking and manifesting the mannerism of President MuhammaduBuhari. He is so gifted with the emotional power of intelligence that he holds an audience spellbound.

He walks and speaks in exact personae of the president, they share almost same physical features with photocopied biological identities- nothing empirical connects them genetically but this guy can pass authoritatively as the biological son of the president.

While the president hails from the north of Nigeria, MC Tagwaye comes from across the Niger of Nigeria. He is Igbo by tribe and bears his ancestral name of Obinna Simon.

Now, this is the fascinating anecdote of my story, how an Igbo boy born far away from the soil of Duara could bridge the geography of location to be a voice of a 74-year-old man? This is what creativity can wrought- he identified his innate power by carving a niche for himself thus placing himself above tribal and religious leanings. Today, he gets ‘presidential’honour, dines with the power that be, access anywhere with ease and increasing his revenue base.

This young innovative and creative enigma is a fascinating reference that regardless of your background if you know your worth, you can conquer the world in your hands.

Impressively musing.


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