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Dasuki not dead – Associate

An associate of the embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, has described as false, the rumours that Mr Dasuki is dead.

The associate, Yushau Shuaib, who has close ties with Mr Dasuki, said this after a recent visit to the detention facility where Mr Dasuki is held in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital.

According to Mr Shuaib who runs an online medium, Opinion Nigeria and has written a book on Mr Dasuki, his rebuttal of the claim followed widespread false information going round in the social media that Mr Dasuki is dead.

Mr Shuaib said when he and other visited Mr Dasuki, they were received by the SSS spokesperson, Peter Afunanya, who urged them to disregard the information.

“There is no iota of truth or credibility about the rumoured death of Col. Sambo Dasuki. We make bold to state that the former NSA is very much in good health and not dead. Therefore, it behoves the general public to disbelieve and condemns the atrocious online story that Dasuki has died in SSS’ custody,” Mr Shuaib quoted Mr Afunanya as saying.

Mr Shuaib said he visited the SSS custody to see Mr Dasuki, after the news went round on February, 23 that Mr Dasuki was dead.


Sambo Dasuki

Former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki

He added that his visiting crew met with some members of staff from the National Television Authority who had also arrived at the agency to confirm the rumour.

Mr Shuaib said they were received by ‘Mr Dasuki himself’ who appeared ”well and without any cause for alarm”.

“With a cup of tea before him, Dasuki looked relaxed and unperturbed as he welcomed us. He cracked jokes on his rumoured death,” Mr Shuaib said.

Mr Dasuki was arrested in 2015 for allegedly misappropraiting funds meant to purchase arms to prosecute the ongoing war on insurgency.

He has remained in detention despite several court orders for his release.

The former NSA has also requested permission to abstain from court hearings until the orders for his bail have been granted.


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