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Again, They killed Dora Akunyili


Again, They killed Dora Akunyili

By Francis Egu

The Akunyilis watched Dora die slowly. From her healthy boisterous self to a terribly frail phase that made recognition difficult.

She was a fiery lioness, Nigeria was the jungle. A queen that conquered the world of fake drugs. Often haunted by drug cartels, but unflinchingly resolute.

Chike Akunyili was her husband, he stood by her believing in a better and greater Nigeria.

Who remembers, ‘Nigeria: Good People, Great Nation’? That was Dora as a Minister.

She died terribly frail…

Imagine the psychological trauma her family battled watching her exit like she did; especially her husband.

To read that Nigeria killed what was left of her husband must leave those with a heart shattered. I am.

He’d earlier spoken fondly of his wife at a lecture dressed in that suit that was later bloodied.

And as he laid drenched in blood with virtually half of his face a gaping hole, he writhed in pain. Did he think of Dora? Did he think her excruciatingly slow death was far better than his? What were his thoughts when what was left of his head fell backwards in resignation? Nigeria or the future of his children? 😥

The unknown or known, terrorists, bandits, separatists or cessationists are all elements within Nigeria. Whether it happened in the east of us or up north, we’ve terribly failed this family like we’ve failed a lot of others across our country.

My love finds us, we’re lost.




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