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Bukola Saraki and the Half Tears for Oloye

Bukola Saraki and the Half Tears for Oloye
by Femi Ogunshola
Sen Bukola Sarakiis currying public sympathy at the moment.
A Library named after his father, late Sen Olusola Saraki was demolished allegedly by the Kwara State Government
Baba was a great man no doubt.
Bukola is not taking it lightly, it’s really not the library but the political gain.
He may be getting the gain.
The duo of Gbemisola and Bukola may not know the depth of the decay in the library.
It’s indeed a sorry state as depicted by some attached pictures.
No one can read in that God-forsaken Den of robbers called Library.
2023 is here, and they must do all to curry public sympathy.
They are getting it.
But I blame the Governor’s media handlers
The noise from both the son and the daughter should have been arrested prior.
A man who became a household name in Kwara politics shouldn’t be treated that way without the requisite information.
The public must know the reason for the demolition before carrying out the act.
You don’t release a statement to inform the people how bad the structure is after the demolition.
No one will buy that story except the robbers who used the Library as hideout.
The Library is dilapidated, serves as criminal hideout and a possible renovation is in the offing, that was a statement released after the demolition.
But why not tell the people before bringing down the structure?
What’s wrong with calling a press conference to inform the public before the action?
What is wrong in carrying a few journalists to show them the state of the structure.
Let picture and videos tell the story. The public will rise in your defence.
A strong worded statement could also suffice.
Issuing press release after the deed was done showed absolute lack of public engagement.
The media team of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq must be alive.
In this case, there must be the doing after the saying.


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