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UAE Defence College Delegation Visits Nigeria for Bilateral Talks on Defence and Security


Nigeria’s Ministry of Defence on Monday 6 February ,2023 played host to the UAE National Defence College course 10 delegations who are in Nigeria on a study visit to gain a deeper understanding of Nigeria’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) and its role in the country’s foreign defence policy.

The visit began with a short brief on Nigeria’s foreign defence policy thrust, with an emphasis on the country’s strong bilateral relationship with the UAE. The delegation was welcomed by Nigeria’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Dr Abubakar Ibrahim Kana mni who provided a comprehensive overview of Nigeria’s defence policy and the country’s efforts to maintain peace and security in the region.

During the interactive session that followed, the UAE delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with Nigerian officials, exploring areas of mutual interest and potential collaboration. Both parties shared insights and perspectives on various defence and security issues, including counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, and regional stability.

The visit was a testament to the strong diplomatic ties between Nigeria and the UAE, and it served as an opportunity to deepen the relationship further. It highlighted the importance of cooperation between countries in maintaining global peace and security.

In his remarks, the head of the UAE National Defence College course 10 delegations, Brig Gen Mahdi Alahbabi, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to them by the Nigerian officials. He also commended Nigeria’s efforts in promoting regional stability, which he noted had far-reaching implications beyond the African continent.

In response, the Nigerian officials expressed their appreciation for the visit and reiterated their commitment to fostering greater collaboration with the UAE. They emphasized the importance of partnerships in addressing global security challenges and lauded the UAE’s role in promoting stability in the region.

Overall, the visit by the UAE National Defence College course 10 delegation to Nigeria was a positive development, demonstrating the growing ties between the two countries and their commitment to working together towards a more peaceful and secure world.


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