Home News Passionate Blood Donor, Amedu Elected as Medical Students President

Passionate Blood Donor, Amedu Elected as Medical Students President


Passionate Blood Donor, Amedu Elected as Medical Students President .

Abdullahi O.Haruna

In a recent election, Ojonimi Amedu, a 500-level medical student of Gregory University Abia State, has emerged as the new President of the Gregory University Medical Student Association (GUMSA). Amedu was elected to the position in a landslide victory over his opponents, thanks to his exceptional skills and leadership qualities.

As an accomplished 2D graphic designer, public speaker, and problem solver, Amedu has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the medical community. He is known for his ability to handle complex interpersonal issues with ease, and has successfully managed over 30 students at once.

In addition to his academic and leadership achievements, Amedu is also the co-founder of the Love and Hope Charity Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting vulnerable members of society. He is also a passionate blood donor who regularly donates to the National Blood Service Commission.

In his new role as President of GUMSA, Amedu has pledged to work tirelessly to promote the interests of medical students at Gregory University. He plans to organize a series of educational and training programs to improve the academic performance of medical students, as well as foster a spirit of collaboration and teamwork within the association.

Amedu’s election as GUMSA President has been widely welcomed by members of the university community, who have expressed their confidence in his ability to lead the association to new heights. With his exceptional leadership skills and passion for the medical profession, Amedu is poised to make a significant impact on the future of medical education at Gregory University.


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