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Rising Together: The Inspiring Journey of Fatima and Rarara


Rising Together: The Inspiring Journey of Fatima and Rarara

When you stoop low to help others, it doesn’t diminish you; instead, you grow exponentially. Those who lend a hand to others tread the path of greatness. It’s a fundamental law of life: what you give returns to you manifold.

Dauda Rarara, the renowned Hausa musician, did something extraordinary when he assisted in transforming the life of a food hawker recently. He encountered her selling zogale, a local salad native to the Hausa people. Captivated by its aroma, Rarara requested a taste. In that moment, the law of attraction took hold; he found himself drawn to Fatima’s charm. It wasn’t just about the zogale; there was something more profound at play. Despite the initial allure of the food, Fatima struck a chord in Rarara – for it takes a deep connection for a man to be enamored by a woman’s cooking; the first attraction is to the woman herself, then her food.

Fatima Mai Zogale has transcended her role as a mere salad vendor to become a celebrity. She is now the center of attention, gracing TV screens, dominating the internet, and becoming a darling of netizens. This is how divine intervention transforms lives – altering fortunes unexpectedly.

While Fatima basks in her newfound fame, Rarara is the true beneficiary. Overnight, his popularity has soared. He now ranks as the fourth most-listened-to artist on social media – a feat he never achieved even with his politically-themed songs. What former President Muhammadu Buhari couldn’t secure for him, a humble roadside hawker has brought about. Your grace may not come from those you look up to but from an unusual corner!
Sometimes, grace arrives from unexpected quarters.

Rarara’s song dedicated to Fatima Mai Zogale has gone viral, propelling his online presence and swelling his account – all because he chose to lend a hand to Fatima. Indeed, those who genuinely assist others are also paving their own path to greatness. Rarara serves as a shining example. And you, who have you helped?

To answer the poser of who you help is the motivating story of Hamzat B. Lawal , a young Nigerian with global iconage. He started as an activist but has today transformed into a worthy template of building others. Lined up in his catalog of impact are many young people , he not only teaches them life survival skills, he equip them with the necessary kits . This Kogi born enigma is recreating himself in many others. Just like Rarara, Hamzat is also increasing in leaps and bounds.

Very de-tribalized,highly national and globally ingrained, young Hamzat B. Lawal navigates the world touching lives. The story of people like this are attractive tonic for my pen. I love to swell them in the ink of accolades,so that others can take a cue and replicate same. We are better off giving back to ourselves than keeping things to just ourselves.

Again, who you epp’?

Genuinely musing
Abdullahi O Haruna Haru-spice


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