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Dalhatu Abubakar Pays Condolence Visit to Emir of Zazzau


In a heartfelt gesture of empathy, youth leader Dalhatu Abubakar recently undertook a poignant condolence visit to his hometown. The purpose of the visit was to extend his sympathies to his Highness, the Emir of Zazzau, Ambassador Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli CFR and the grieving families following a tragic incident that claimed 11 lives. The unfortunate incident was the collapse of a historically significant monument, which had stood for 182 years within the confines of Zaria Central Mosque.

During the visit, Dalhatu expressed his deep sorrow for the loss of lives and the destruction of the revered monument. He emphasized his connection to the town and the importance of preserving its historical and cultural landmarks. In a moving statement, Dalhatu prayed for the souls of the departed, seeking divine intervention for their eternal peace and acceptance of their martyrdom.

As the community grapples with this irreparable loss, Dalhatu’s visit serves as a reminder of the unity and solidarity that binds them together during difficult times. The youth leader’s expression of grief and condolences resonated with the locals, conveying a message of shared sorrow and support. Through this visit, Dalhatu has not only extended his personal condolences but has also reaffirmed the importance of community cohesion and the value of preserving cultural heritage.

May the departed souls rest in peace, and may the town of Zaria find the strength to overcome this tragic incident as they rebuild and remember the historical significance of the monument that once stood tall in their midst.


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